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The Healing Power of

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7170 Chagrin Road

Chagrin Falls, OH 44023


7170 Chagrin Road

Chagrin Falls, OH 44023

Dr. Ivan Nassif,  MS, DC, LAc

(440) 247-5383

Reviving the Spine's

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What to Expect on Your First Visit:

Your first visit will include a full consultation about your health and the health complaints of which you are concerned. Dr. Nassif will discuss your family history, your work life, physical activities as well as diet and any supplementation to your diet.


Dr. Nassif will want to see the full picture of your overall health in order to properly determine the best treatment for your situation.


This initial consultation is designed for the doctor to learn about your condition, your concerns and the best course of treatment.

Initial Chiropractic Visits

Chiropractic Forms

Please fill out our patient forms, this provides for us information regarding your condition. Forms are downloadable pdf and can be filled out at your leisure and brought to your first appointment:


Click here to download your forms:


If you have any questions about which forms to fill out and bring with you, please contact us for more information:

(440) 247-5383

Insurance Coverage

We work with many insurance compaines who have excellent coverage for Chiropractic Care. Please contact our office staff and we can help you determine your benefits and how they apply to your request for care.

Your Examination

Dr. Nassif will perform a complete examination which will check reflexes, your ability to turn and to bend as well as other physical examinations.


While X-rays are not done in our office, Dr. Nassif may recommend them. If you have any recent x-rays, it is recommended to bring them in so that they can be reviewed.

Your Treatment

Your treatment is important to us, at CVCAC, we use many varying adjustment techniques in order to achieve the best outcome for your condition.

Your appointments will be scheduled for you based on your examination, some of them coming initially twice per week.


Depending on your issues, there are many ways to plan out your treatments. In any event - once we know and understand your condition better, we can work together to plan your treatment options.